About the Council

The Systemic Risk Council was established in 2013. The Council is tasked to address systemic risks in the financial area to prevent or reduce systemic financial risks, and avoid that they reach a level where they may have significant adverse effects on the financial system and the real economy. The Council is advisory.

Members of the Council

The Council includes members from Danmarks Nationalbank, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the economic ministries and independent experts. The chairman of the Board of Governors of Danmarks Nationalbank is chairing the Council.

Judicial framework for the Council

The judicial framework for the Council's work is determined in the Law on financial stability and in the notice on Rules of procedure for the Systemic Risk Council.

The Council's work

The Council's work with systemic risks comprises three general parts. The Council monitors the financial system, makes recommendations on political measures, and evaluates political measures.

Background for establishment of the Council

The Systemic Risk Council was set up in 2013 on the basis of among others a recommendation from the European Systemic Risk Board and a report from the Committee on the Structure of Financial Supervision in Denmark.